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西人著書 語法

字部緝解 / 孝纂 Links
[Macao] : 澳門書院, 道光二十年[1840]
線裝1冊(19頁) ; 20.2公分
Sinica 1443

華英通用雜話. 上卷 = Chinese and English vocabulary. Part first Links
[Canton], [1843]
線裝1冊(12, 40頁) ; 24.1公分
By Robert Thom
No more parts published
Sinica 355 (Bound with another work) Images

Sinica 380 (24.3公分)

Sinica 2884 (24.3公分)

The Chinese speaker, or Extracts from works written in the Mandarin language, as spoken in Peking. Part 1 / compiled for the use of students, by Robert Thom Links
Ningpo : Presbyterian Mission Press = 華花聖經書房, 1846
線裝1冊(102頁) ; 25.2公分
Chinese title: 「正音撮要. 上卷」
No more parts published
Sinica 358 Images

Sinica 6580 (Inscribed: "To The Radcliffe Library, University of Oxford, presented by R. Thom, 1848.")

英華仙尼華四雜字文 Links
寧郡[Ningpo] : 東壁齋, 1846
線裝1冊(3, 2, 3, 2, 8, 319頁) ; 26.2公分
English title-page: "A manual for youth and students. Or Chinese vocabulary and dialogues. Containing an easy introduction to the Chinese language. Ningpo dialect. Compiled and translated into English by P. Streenevassa Pillay"
Sinica 450

Tng oe hoan ji chho hak, ti e-mng khek Links
[Amoy], 1852
線裝1冊(15頁) ; 20.5公分
By J van N Talmage
In romanised Amoy colloquial
Sinica 1607 Fulltext

A a B b Ch ch Links
[Amoy], [1853]
線裝1冊(2頁) ; 19.6公分
By J van N Talmage
In romanised Amoy colloquial
Sinica 1601 Fulltext

初學粵音切要 = A Chinese phonetic vocabulary, containing all the most common characters, with their sounds in the Canton dialect Links
香港 : 英華書院, 乙卯年[1855]
線裝1冊([1]+31頁) ; 20.5公分
By J Chalmers
Sinica 1570 (Interleaved with western paper) Images

Sinica 2510 (20.4公分. - Has 「錯遺備考」, 1頁)

上海土音字寫法 Links
[Shanghai], [1855]
線裝1冊(20, 2頁) ; 16.6公分
By T P Crawford
Explanation of New Phonetic Character for writing Shanghai dialect
Sinica 2073 Images Fulltext

Zong-hae too bak zaeh-mung Links
Zong-hae [Shanghai], 1860
線裝1冊(1, 75頁) ; 18.6公分
By C Keith
Primer of Shanghai dialect
Sinica 1476 Images

Dialect of Shanghai, China Links
[Shanghai], [1861?]
線裝1冊(8頁) ; 22.5公分
By B Jenkins
Contains two lists, "Phonetic characters and Roman equivalents" and "Roman syllables and phonetics"
Sinica 1625 Images Fulltext