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Serica is ...

... a subset of the Bodleian's allegro catalogue of Chinese books, which has been designed to show the extent and nature of our pre-modern holdings, and to give access to those parts of the collection that have been digitised.

Its production has been made possible by the generosity of Mr Nicholas Coulson and the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, who have sponsored a four-year project of cataloguing and digitisation.

The interface has been programmed by Sushila Burgess and designed by Monica Messaggi Kaya of Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS), a department providing integrated support and systems for a wide range of IT related services and activities across the library sector. These include SOLO ("Search Oxford Libraries Online"), a resource discovery interface which uses the Primo software developed by Ex Libris to give access to over 7 million titles in over 100 Oxford libraries.

David Helliwell
August 2012