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西人著書 耶穌教 祈禱書

英吉利國神會祈禱文大概翻譯漢字 / 馬先纂 Links
附: 年中禮筵各日該讀經章通書
[Malacca] : 英華書院, 道光九年[1829]
線裝1冊(82, 27頁) ; 24.3公分
The second part has its own title-page, but without an imprint.
Running titles 「祈禱敘式」 and 「經章通書」

Sinica 331 (精裝 ; 24.4公分. - Part of title-page missing)

英吉利國神會祈禱文大概翻譯漢字 / 馬先纂 Links
[Malacca] : 英華書院, 道光九年[1829] (London, 1845)
精裝1冊(82頁) ; 24.0公分
Running title 「祈禱敘式」
The original edition, without the additional title, issued by the Prayer Book and Homily Society with its own English title-page and rebound

祈禱文讚神詩 Links
[Macao], [1833]
線裝1冊(44, 16頁) ; 16.1公分
By Robert Morrison
Has two sections, with the running titles 「祈禱祝文」and 「讚神詩」. Thread bound, but printed on single leaves of stiff paper, which is in bad condition and splitting
Sinica 2991 Images

聖會禱詞 Links
[Hong Kong?], [c.1845?]
線裝1冊(3, 3, 12, 15, 11, 9頁) ; 26.7公分
Text in 6 juan, headed 《禱詞卷一》 &c
By K F A Gützlaff
Sinica 316 (精裝) Images

Sinica 332 (精裝. - Has library stamp 「香港耶穌教聖保羅書院」 on front cover) Images

Sinica 334

祈禱真法註解 Links
Shanghai : 墨海書館, 1846
線裝1冊([32]頁) ; 23.2公分
Reprint of sermons 67-74 in W H Medhurst's 「真理通道. 下」
Sinica 1689

早禱文 Links
[Shanghai], [1840's?]
線裝1冊(11頁) ; 21.0公分
By T McClatchie
In Shanghai dialect
Selections from the Book of Common Prayer, of which 「早禱文」, is only the first; there is no overall title
Sinica 1597

耶穌聖教洗禮規式 Links
香港 : 聖保羅書院, 1851
線裝1冊(9頁) ; 25.2公分
By G Smith
Text printed in black and red
Sinica 333 (精裝) Images

耶穌聖教禱告文 Links
香港 : 聖保羅書院, 1854
線裝1冊(21頁) ; 25.4公分
Tr. by W H Medhurst ; selected by G Smith
Sinica 2000

Sinica 3010 (25.7公分)

禱告文全書 Links
香港 : 聖保羅書院, 乙卯年[1855]
線裝2冊(various pagings) ; 27.7公分
Tr. by W H Medhurst
The two volumes are alike in format, and have the same title-page taken from the same block; the first is a translation into Mandarin, the second into classical Chinese
Sinica 2920/1 (Mandarin) Images

Sinica 2920/2 (Classical) Images

祈禱文全書 Links
[Canton], 咸豐九年[1859]
線裝1冊(12頁) ; 25.3公分
Tr. by W H Medhurst ; ed. by G Piercy, S Hutton
Title-page has 「增沙藏板」
Printed in black and red
Sinica 1724 Images